Fun and Funky Sand Art Do It Yourself Kits - At home and School Vacation care programmes

Plastic Sand Art Bottle Designs

Fill bottles with coloured sands to create fun and funky designs!

Suitable for ages... young and old!

Perfect for kids parties, themed parties, rainbow parties,

 holiday and sleepover fun!

Bottle sizes

Bottle                     Approx. height                  Width                         Length

Seahorse                  11cm                                 2cm                             5cm

Dinosaur                  12cm                                 4cm                            6.5cm

Dolphin                    14cm                                 4cm                            8cm

Horse                        11cm                                 4cm                           8cm

Shark                         12cm                                 4cm                           10cm

Fun faced bottle    13.5cm                              4cm round diameter

To order please contact us or you can copy and paste this link into your browser and purchase as a 10 bottle kit direct on Ebay:

Please note, not suitable for children under the age of 3 years due to small parts.

Shaped bottles are great for themed birthday parties!

Plain bottles

Funky effects can be created using a skewer, using patterns and a little imagination!

Fun and Funky Sand Art Fun Faced bottles ... no two are ever the same!

Using a spoon create different layers and patterns!

Suitable for ages 3 years and up

Fun Faced DIY kit

Add some crafts and let those imaginations go wild!!!

Dorothy the Dinosaur!!

Its not just for parties.... perfect for school 

vacation care programmes too!

Vacation care kits are only available for the fun faced bottle designs or plain bottle, (not shaped)

To order please email


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